Frequently Asked Questions




Q. Do you teach photography?

A. I'm uncomfortable offering any photography advice/instruction because I don't have a comprehensive knowledge of gear, shooting, and editing techniques. Check out Tony Northrup on YouTube for beginner and advanced photography tutorials. Good stuff!

Here are a few other photographers I admire that offer tips and tricks on their websites:

Jess Findlay

Scott Keys

Ray Hennessey

Melissa Groo

Tin Man Lee




Q. I'm visiting California! Where do you recommend I go to see birds / wildlife?

A. If you want to see specific species, check eBird sighting maps to see where that species has been spotted. If you want good overall locations for birding, visit National Wildlife Refuges. If you want locations better for photography (i.e. getting close to wildlife), visit local parks that include a water source (pond / lake / stream) and look for birds surrounding the water. These parks can easily be spotted by looking for blue water indicators on Google Maps. Visit at dawn or dusk if possible, as these are the most active times for birds / wildlife.

California is a big state, and I usually just shoot close to home in the Sierra foothills east of Sacramento. A few California spots I recommend and visit regularly are:


- Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area (waterfowl / wading birds)

- Mather Regional Park (White-tailed Kites)


- Marshall Gold Discovery State Park (Acorn Woodpeckers)


- Taylor Creek Visitor Center (White-headed Woodpecker, high-elevation birds)