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Arizona Locations for Wildlife Photography

November 15, 2017

Arizona is my favorite state for wildlife photography, due to it's proximity to home and abundance of desert species found nowhere else on the west coast. A few of my favorite Arizona spots are:

PHOENIX METRO AREA (listed from north to south)

- Glendale Recharge Ponds, Glendale. Good variety of songbirds, shorebirds, waterfowl, depending on season and level of water in ponds. Check neighborhood backyards from the road for Loggerhead Shrike, Vermilion Flycatchers.



- Portal township. Small town hub for birding this area, including lodging and general store. Get birding hot spot map from general store. Many locals have bird feeders on property and have signs saying "Birders Welcome." Many appreciate a donation of cash, bird seed, or suet. Walk around town streets for Acorn Woodpecker colonies, thrashers, inca doves, quail, javelinas (wild pigs) at night, pyrrhuloxia, varierties of sparrows, arizona woodpecker, mexican jays, ladder-backed woodpecker, cactus wren, juniper titmouse, bridled titmouse, 

- George Walker House, Paradise. Historical house with live-in owners who maintain a yard full of bird feeders. Donations towards bird food appreciated, and owners will usually refill bird feeders or put out peanut butter to attract Mexican Jays / Acorn Woodpeckers if you donate upon arrival. Huge variety of song bird species and worth the trip. **Caution: rough roads, possibly impassable by car. SUV or truck recommended.


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