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Utah Locations for Wildlife Photography

December 15, 2017

Wildlife photography in Utah is fantastic! Birds of prey are plentiful, especially in the fall/winter months. The diversity of mammals is a primary attraction too. Here are my favorite Utah spots:

NORTH OF SALT LAKE CITY on I-15 (listed from furthest North to closest to Salt Lake City)

- Bear River National Wildlife Refuge, Brigham City. 12 mile, one-way auto loop. Check open dates/times. Waterfowl, wading/shore/marsh birds, birds of prey. **Note: duck hunting area.

- Beus Pond, Ogden.  Wood ducks on pond, Western Screech Owl box, bird seed feeders on trail. **Note: suburban park with lots of people, early is best.

- Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area, Farmington.  Check open dates/times. Waterfowl, wading/shore/marsh birds, grebes, birds of prey. **Note: duck hunting area.

- Antelope Island State Park, Syracuse. A MUST-DO in Utah. Bison, deer, coyote, owls, pronghorn, best at dawn and dusk. Birds of prey everywhere; nesting songbirds on rocky outcrops near visitor center; shore birds, gulls, waterfowl along entry causeway; burrowing owls near roads all over island; coyote hot spot in roadside shrubs near Garr Ranch; Great-horned and Barn Owls at Garr Ranch. **Note: entry fee payable by credit card.

- Bountiful Pond, Bountiful. Great-horned & Barn Owls perched in trees by trail at dawn and dusk. 


- Powell Lake, Lehi. Suburban pond with nesting songbirds and migrating shorebirds/wading birds. Herons. 

- Utah Lake State Park, Provo. Approaching roads great for nesting migrants, marmot, bird of prey. Lake beach area has yellow-headed blackbirds. **Closed until April 2018.


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